more than a welder.

Hoppe's Fine Metal is owned and operated by Torsten Hoppe, an entrepreneur who sources, designs, and fabricates custom artistic metal creations. Torsten's heart truly lives in his art. Hoppe was trained in his home country of Germany by an incredible artist and mentor who taught him that metalwork is about so much more than welding and Torsten's creations embody this idea.  

Torsten's work was recently featured in the Hospitals of Regina Foundation Home Lottery Grand Prize Show Home. Click here to see his work in that project.

the artist.

As the owner and sole fabricator for Hoppe’s Fine Metal, I take great pride in delivering unique, high-quality creations to my clients. I believe every custom piece I create, whatever it might be, should be unique to the space it is placed in. That’s what I stand for with my name and values as an artist.


As an expert metal worker, you can trust that the quality and longevity of your piece will be unmatched, and the piece will fit within your specifications, creating an incredible, unique, and even functional work of art.

- Torsten Hoppe

the process.

As an artist, I prefer to personally create every art piece or final product to ensure the desired outcome of your project. This gives you a unique experience and product, but it may sometimes create a waiting period since everything I do is made by hand. 

For custom creations of any kind, please contact by email I will reply as soon as possible to go over your ideas with you. Once we come to a suitable plan I will do all the necessary research to offer you an estimation of cost and timeline. Then I will work with you until your project is accomplished and all participants are happy (and stunned) with the outcome.

Take a look at the Gallery Page to view some of my creations for inspiration.